The Brand and Mission Statement

WE GOT YOUR SIX! This is a Combat term used by soldiers to signify that they are watching your back.  When lives are on the line overseas or running behind on your projects and need to make that expectional visual content.  This is UNCONDITIONAL protection and dedication until the mission is 100% complete. Throughout life and business there are many decisions we have to make and LERION Inc. won’t fail you! WE GOT YOUR SIX! LERION Inc. expects its employees and global business partners to be equipped to conduct themselves and business interactions in the most ethical and appropriate manner possible.

Company Code of Ethics

LERION Inc. and global affiliates are committed to the unquestionable standards of ethical and professional behaviors.  Our business recognizes that communication is very important, and, in our creative design agency, we lead by example and communicate what is expected of our client service relationship. These policies, regulations and rules are also applied valid on and off company property while conducting business on foreign and domestic lands.

Ultimate Experience

World Class Customer Service is very important and to put the customer’s needs first is a must and best practice.  Unprecedented customer service is achieved by understanding the target demographics need and wants is important to LERION Inc.  Respecting the client and remembering that we are in the content creation business and creating their needs and understanding their concerns. Solving whatever their needs are is to provide the client with top of the line digital and visual creations and business strategizing. LERION Inc. express appreciation to clients for their patronage and following up with proper upgrades and future creative visual and audio needs.

Global Experience

LERION Inc. is a Global Brand providing Global Solutions to our international customers.  We pride ourselves on having a diverse culture and respect for any individuals or groups.  We implement a diverse workplace, working relationships and being a world known digital creative agency, we employ multi language associates to strengthen our company’s capabilities.